Technical Brief

Making your complex message simple.


Content strategy and SEO.

Our target market either doesn’t read our publications; doesn’t understand them; or doesn’t grasp their significance.
Marketing Director, professional services firm

Content strategy and SEO

Branding and marketing communications.

Clients say ‘you’ve far exceeded our expectations’ which makes us think that we’re not communicating our value very well. Managing Director, start-up software firm

Branding and marketing communications

We want to be the provider-of-choice to the high-value segment of our market.
Partner, specialist consulting firm

Market research and strategy formulation

Thought Leadership.

In order to use our tools effectively, our clients need to change the way that they think about their sector.
Head of Product Development, software development firm

Thought Leadership

Change Management.

People need to be confident that there is a cohesive plan, that the plan is being implemented effectively and that they can be confident of their own role as the organisation undergoes change.
Director of Human Resources, retail and commercial bank

Change Management

Innovation Policy and Education.

Educational institutions can no longer be diploma factories. As citizens and workers we need to be innovative, we need to be agents in our own education and we need to grasp the opportunities we face.
Head of Research and Innovation, third-level institution

Innovation Policy and Education

Mentoring and Coaching.

It’s immensely helpful to have an outsider say ‘you think that’s a good idea, but it really isn’t. However, this might be.’
CEO, professional services firm

Mentoring and Coaching

About Us

Ciaran Buckley.

Ciaran Buckley has held senior management roles in the intersection of the software and financial services sectors for over twenty years, in both the US and Ireland.

He has lectured in marketing and innovation and has been widely published in the business and technology media.

Ciaran is a graduate of Yale University and holds a Masters of Business from the UCC/IMI. He is a resident advisor with Dublin City University’s innovation centre, Invent DCU.

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